ACI launches new publication: Compliance & Regulatory Journal

ACI is delighted to announce the release of the Institute’s newest publication - the Compliance & Regulatory Journal. The Journal was developed in response to research undertaken with compliance professionals in 2005 which established the need for a high quality publication that would provoke thought on current and emerging issues.

The journal is the culmination of over twelve months of contribution by the ACI Editorial Committee, who have sourced and peer reviewed a selection of pertinent articles from a range of practitioners, academics and other leading experts in the area of compliance.

The inaugural edition features a selection of ten articles from a variety of Australian and international authors that explore a diversity of topics.

David Lawrence, president of ACI said “In the current environment of growing concerns over governance standards and increasing compliance costs there is a need for a discourse on achieving efficient and effective regulation and improved governance and compliance standards.  We believe the Journal will provide a forum for quality debate of these important issues”

”We are extremely excited about the release of our Compliance & Regulatory Journal. We believe it will provide an important platform for the communication and promotion of the compliance profession and will provide an important mechanism for the advancement of practical compliance and pragmatic regulation. We believe that our newest member benefit will assist in the ongoing dialogue between the regulator and the regulated across all industry sectors.”

David said ”The Journal is relevant for legislators, regulators, the regulated community and those who study and comment upon the compliance landscape.”

The Compliance & Regulatory Journal is planned for release twice yearly, and ACI gladly welcomes submissions of articles for consideration for future editions.

For further information regarding the Compliance and Regulatory Journal contact or call Karen Burdett at +61 2 9290 1788